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Redos building

Placing a bet on our services pays off.

Building a visual identity and communication channels are equally important like building a house. Redos business card was designed to reflect its many years of experience and a complex approach.

Only thanks to strong foundations such as a representative logo or a high quality website, your image won´t fall apart like a house of cards.

What we built.




Name creation , Corporate image, Responsive website, Creatives, Campaigns report, Copywrting


Branding, Website design, Graphic design, Online marketing, Content

Visual identity The colourfulness and the "building" the corporate philosophy logotype are a winning combination of letter fragments and pictograms which represent basic building components.



The logo design is based on the letter R silhouette where there are basic geometric shapes symbolizing parts of the building construction or activities associated with the construction of the house - literally from the land or foundation to the roof and chimney.

Web Design

Nice and colourful, functional and user-friendly as a well-thought-out building - these were the foundation stones which directed the website design of a firm called Redos.

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