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Solík welding

We welded pretty hot

Our goal was to build visual identity which would impress at first glance. The supplier of welding technologies presents itself with a fresh and modern design. It can be seen on a new logo, website and advertising decals as well.

Don´t you think that in case of this commodity, there can be a spark in visual communication too?

What we built.




Corporate image, Creatives


Branding, Graphic design

Visual identity The colourfulness and the "building" the corporate philosophy logotype are a winning combination of letter fragments and pictograms which represent basic building components.



The main idea of logotyp is based on the technical drawing of weld joints, See sketch 1. We have used the potential of three successive letters of the company name Solík - lik, where the letter "l" represents material A. Leter "i" represents a state when material B is added to material A (in the form of the acute accent) and the letter "k" symbolizes materials joined by welding.


For the client, we created the entire range of corporate promotional items such as headed papers, envelopes ,pens, pencils, writing instruments.

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